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Not a lot of studies have been conducted on personal marijuana use, much less about the effect that the plant can have on couples. Legalization and an evolving perspective on marijuana has opened up the industry to more studies, giving scientists and researchers the chance to examine the plant more thoroughly by looking into the effect it has on people and relationships. A study published in the journal Cannabis claims that, unlike alcohol, cannabis has a positive effect on couples when consumed together, increasing the odds of intimacy and providing more opportunities for bonding. The study was a small one, collecting data from just married or co-habitating couples, all of them claiming to be active marijuana users. Authors of the study asked the couples to monitor their cannabis intake for a period of 30 days, with participants reporting their experiences through their smartphones before and after consuming cannabis. Photo by Felix via rawpixel.

Sexual Addiction and other Intimacy Disorders

Narcissism, Sex Addiction, & Intimacy Anorexia DVD | Heart to Heart Counseling Center

Defining a sex addiction is not as straightforward as you might think. Understanding the different manifestations of this disorder can help you know if you might be struggling with a sex addiction. Though long buried under stigma and scepticism, the therapeutic recognition of sex addiction is now gaining ground. The often evolving field offers both understanding and hope for those struggling with this type of addiction. Research has shown that sex addiction generally develops as a coping mechanism for trauma or extreme stress, but can also be a co-occurring disorder with another type of mental health issue, or related to a neurological disorder. The types of sex addiction are further broken down into three levels based on the degree of consent that occurs during sexual behaviour.

Marijuana and Sex: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

When you have a history of substance abuse, it is common to lack many essential interpersonal skills. This is simply due to the fact of when someone is using, everything excluding the substance fades into the background. When you are under the influence, it is difficult to be real or honest with the people around you.
Are you starved for affection? Hungry for connection? Wondering how you ended up married but alone? Intimacy anorexia is a particularly pernicious form of love avoidance that goes largely unrecognized, even in the counseling world.

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