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When we talk about powerful characters in anime, the big names that always get dropped are the likes of Goku, Ichigo, Naruto and Luffy. In other words, it's a boys club. That's no surprise considering, for the best part of the last three decades, the Shonen boys category of Japanese comics and animation associated with "power" has been predominantly packed with ripped dudes and athletic teenage boys screaming the names of their final moves and eviscerating enemies with energy blasts. That's why this list is devoted exclusively to anime's most powerful women. From cybernetic police officers, to double-denim androids, to shapeshifting martial artists to straight-up goddesses, some of the genre's heaviest hitters are female. And, it's not just Shonen heroines who pack the most powerful punches.
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anime lips

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20+ Anime mouths ideas | mouth drawing, art reference poses, anime mouths

This tutorial explains how to drawing anime and manga style lips in different variations from different views front, three quarter and side. It focuses on female lips but some examples can also be used for drawing male lips. It is very common for mouths in anime and manga to be drawn without lips but some styles usually the more realistic ones do show lips. Lips are also often drawn in close up scenes of anime and manga even in the styles where they are otherwise not shown. To do this we can draw a slightly open mouth in a fairly relaxed state. This way the shape of both the top and bottom lip is visible but not overly stretched or distorted. The bottom lip is often drawn with one smooth upside down curve but if you study the lips carefully this can vary from person to person the bottom lip tends to actually be two very light curves at the lower half that join to form one bigger curve.
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How to Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl Step by Step

Anime mouths are pretty easy to draw compared to real structured mouth illustrations so only a little bit of training is needed with impressive results. When drawing lips, always look for these parts in the illustrated picture above. Doing this can help you later on when you are drawing Anime lips, especially when you are drawing female Anime lips. The only thing that differs is the manner of illustration. To see how the lips differe, compare the two illustration above.
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Most female anime characters tend to have big eyes, a small mouth, nose and chin and a fairly round face. The lips are usually either very lightly defined or not drawn at all. The hair is usually drawn in clumps instead of individual strands and often tends to have a somewhat spiky look. If drawing using pencil and paper be sure to make very light lines for the initial parts of the tutorial as you will need to erase some parts later.

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